BL Lucky and Big Amp – Trap Therapy Lyrics

Trap Therapy Lyrics

BL Lucky and Big Amp
I\’ll go and sell it all but I\’ll go and cop some more
I\’ll still get it in that shit still on the floor
I just sold two bowls I ain\’t tripping about no hoe
Man a nigga want to chill but I\’m still stuck on go
Man that nigga really changed he was supposed to be my bro
About buy another chain I just call that getting froze
Know some niggas out in shh still getting off them loads
I\’ll buss it down to dubs or I\’ll sell it by the fours
Man I been shooting moves now it\’s time to count the pros
Buy a house and sit back yeah them real life goals
Having trap nightmares I\’ll probably have some more
My nigga Dre changed my life real nigga that\’s fasho

When it come to the trap niggas knowing I\’m the goat
I\’ve sold niggas four\’s in a Louie V coat
No couch my house I rathеr kick it by the stove
Got some blow that\’s off whitе but they don\’t sell it in the store
You can drop it in the pot or you can put it in your nose
If you hit it hard enough you get your left wrist froze
I done came along way from selling crack by the store
Now it\’s first class flights damn near everywhere I go
My plug like to punt with runtz yeah he kick it
Keep them racks snug in my pocket like a fitted
Ball all in Memphis like I\’m playing for grizzlies
Pay my bills with trap money tuck the hundreds and the fifties

Yeah I jumped off in the game just to get up on my feet
Seen Tay beat a key in the middle of the week
These niggas really cap they just acting like they street
Yeah I want a brick of cut you want a feature with me
Lil Lucky got some power I ain\’t talking about Tyreek
Niggas dying about them hoes we getting paid off them freaks
West coast with the crips but them niggas really G\’s
I\’m talking way before Gunna we was really pushing P\’s

This that playa trap shit got it cranking in the bay
Used traffic gas bags back and forth from the A
I stay road running you a think I was a trucker
Swing that stick on a sucker like a Louisville slugger
I\’ma whip it to the side til the bowl start to bubble
That yam super sonic like I hit it with a knuckle
I started serving ice just to make my money double
Luck and Amp linked up niggas know that they in trouble

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