BL Lucky and Big Amp – In The Middle Lyrics

In The Middle Lyrics

BL Lucky and Big Amp
I can get them bags to you all I need is an addy
Road run from Cali like to traffic with a baddie
Came a long way from putting mid in them baggies
We the same age but she treat me like I\’m daddy
I\’m trying to catch a vibe I\’m on the percs don\’t do the addys
Them yellow tens have a nigga itching like an addict
I\’m old school with it stack them rackies in the mattress
Flipping chickens in the trenches you will think I\’m acrobatic

Double cup love while I\’m chilling with a baddie
Bitch think I like her I\’m just trying to use her addy
Switched up my flow I keep a glizzy for the static
Got a cool dub on me me and Dre call that relaxing
I done sold a whole dime remember I used to sell shake
40 thousand up in jewelry ask Ali if I\’m straight
Your big dog selling crumbs that nigga really in the way
I\’m a real pack sealer I send them bitches out the way

Everyday since the sixth grade be catching plays
Was small time with it now I\’m plugging with the weight
I got them racks on me got a band on my face
Met a migo with a farm now the whole team straight
A half a hundred bands bitch I do that every week
Said another dub coming I can move that in my sleep
Used to jug the fake lean spent the profit on some sneaks
Take my sneaky link shopping in Miami on the beach

Vac seal them bitches twice I swear they won\’t smell nothing
I ain\’t tripping on no bitch I\’m worrying about the mail coming
We been fucking for some hours bae it\’s about twelve something
Chino where my flip phone I swear I\’m trying to sell something
I\’ll sell it by the eighth you know I\’m charging niggas fifty
Nigga say he got the bags call my line nigga get with me
I\’m trying to make a new porn you the the stick got the titties
Yeah my youngin keep the drake that\’s why I call that nigga drizzy

Never trap without a strap you know I\’m chopping with a glizzy
Usually eat at Benihanas when I\’m grinding I eat Wendy\’s
I be floating off the perkys plus I\’m fly like Mr. Bentley
Thought my lil bitch how to whip it Paula Deen in the kitchen

Unc got Meech bread and he ain\’t trying to take no pictures
Came up off seven grams I was selling by the nickel
Better get your old lady because she trying to get this pickle
I got three bad bitches playing monkey in the middle

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