Belly – Loyalty v. Royalty Lyrics

Loyalty v. Royalty Lyrics

I was dead broke, borrowing money
Never got acknowledgment from artists borrowing from me
I don\’t want the royalties, but when\’s the loyalty coming
\’Cause the person that you\’ve become is so unbecoming
What the fuck did you summon (Demons)
I\’m mad you had to miss the whole come-up
But you was with me for the cold summers
I was spazzin\’ back when Manchin was jackin\’ Forerunners
Walkin\’ round with bolt-cutters for the whole summer
Shit I was on: Adderall, Ritalin, Vyvanse
Felt like Ayatollah in the city that I ran
Whippin\’ in frying pans, puttin\’ fiends on a diet plan
Put a pound of lean on my diaphragm
Fivе bands just to get you hit like a bystand- (errr)
Couldn\’t snitch if I wantеd to, my life is a blur
I got the rifle, tryna\’ stifle the urge
I want the same legacy that Michael deserve
Bitch, fuck what you heard

It\’s too late now
Who\’s the one lookin\’ two-faced now
My girl got the Blue Face AP and the screw face down
So I\’m skatin\’ on these bitches like I\’m Lupe now
I won\’t trust you with consignment, told \’em to pay now
Before I gotta put a hollow in your toupee now
Bitch, give me my flowers and my bouquet now (touché)
Every rapper gettin\’ soufflé\’d now
Every day I smoke a bag of this kush
I would leave for good and never look back if I could
Yesterday, I made a hit list and stapled it to a map of the woods
Fuckin\’ crooks, you could never give me back what you took
They had it in for me
Couldn\’t stand the thought of me havin\’ infamy
Two guns, four drums, that\’s a tympani
Hollows sing, some hum, that\’s a symphony
What\’s the sense in me tellin\’ truth if they sensor me

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