Belly – Capone's Demise Lyrics

Capone’s Demise Lyrics

Ghost and ghouls and creatures unknown
Are not what make a haunted home
You\’ll come to find you\’re just alone
And all these demons are your own

At this rate, I might just die next
Hold up, let me digress
Why these bitches always want you more when you try less
Street dreams
Seen my life bubblin\’ in the Pyrex
I\’m talkin\’ money, you can\’t even speak my dialect
Funny how this money made me frivolous
You bitches sick, probably why Capone died from syphilis
How the fuck you trickin\’ with your stimulus
I\’m livid, but I give \’em what I\’m livin\’ with the vividness
Just bein\’ brown will get you blacklisted
Especially when you can rap gifted like last Christmas
Talkin\’ fishscale, but they catfishing
I pack bricks in the back benches of black Benzes
Feds act vicious, I snap, they snap pictures
I\’m back, bitches
This wack system fronted on me \’cause they lack wisdom
Fuck a wave, this a baptism
Hero/Villain, that\’s my last victim

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