BaruchFollowsJesus – Chosen (feat. Kieran the Light & Tremese Young) (Remix) Lyrics


Yeah I like songs like that\’s when the spirit put me in my bath for real the only way I know how to talk my talk is when I walk to walk to for real like chair I\’m still living with patients cause living for the devil is basic what is demon time I don\’t even embrace it how you don\’t repent but you expect him to erase it when you replace sin your true God like masons make it make sense I was the same way before knowing what grace is stuck in the samе cycles because I\’m complacеnt let me tell you what I was chasing bring the basics I was chasing all of my affection from Lucifer playing with jezebel I ain\’t know what to do with her how could I hate her but follow her when I\’m losing her probably cause rejection told me I wasn\’t good enough pulling up to the house of darkness in an empty apartment where I\’m alone cause I was heartless couldn\’t even pray because the pride had me restless I\’m surrounded by evil spirits so I\’m hearing noises immoral choices fast forward to the purpose I\’m walking it I went through all of that so I can see what the calling is still took a minute because I call him in I followed the light and it turned and it took me straight where the harvest is so now I understand why a lot of people be lost now but I don\’t understand how you ok as a lost child just settle in just like Jesus about to show up and cast away all of your demons while you just sit and procrastinate preposterous that ain\’t how it go but that\’s obvious the bait of Satan all over the path that\’s guiding us and we keep falling right into the trap that\’s stopping us not tapped into spirits so we don\’t know what sign to trust trying to revive before it rekindle if I\’m transformed how do I even remember I have been through more trials than repeated offenders and every time he pulled me out I just come back and defend him that\’s the witness result of utilize and repentance waiting for blessings sometimes feel like a sentence probably cause obedience always be missing got to figure out a way to keep my drive consistent I aligned not listening that\’s why I\’m falling in sin again smoking on that weed like lets go find my strength again and Helding that gift within stuck in conviction whenever I don\’t listen I be stuck in the diction lying to myself saying it\’s just for a minute and right after I finish I just go back to the mission but what if Christ come back before I ever get finished that\’s why we gotta be blameless what\’s your intention holy spirit have your way You said we\’d do greater things they prophecy private planes and talk about diamond rings and all of the finer things they moving like doctor strange they losers like pocket change I guess that\’s the price of fame but me I don\’t think the same I go for the perfect aim Don\’t point thing like IVB cause I gotta stay in the vain (yeah) I know they tryna box me in I ain\’t conforming to this world I say his breath they say it\’s oxygen I\’m falling in the plot again seeing through distractions they don\’t string like a violin want me to get violent be angry but sin not I can\’t live on auto pilot Uh man gotta control himself if you don\’t know the holy spirit tell me how you suppose to know yourself I remember there was no one else crying out to God all alone like show yourself and then he really show his self drop down to my knees and I repent I need my fathers help remember how you was yesterday Smoking back to back like I was trying to take my breath away couldn\’t even concentrate now that boy sober I got things I gotta delegate hold up Lemme demonstrate Open the words see the truth the devil been a fake we ain\’t walked out we been away bosting in the lord I was chosen just to motivate show him love and embrace the hate I\’m screaming what would Jesus do while I ride it like a license plate I grew up off that section 8 patience perseverance that\’s the only way we orchestrate look at how we overcome worshipping the king got us popping like some bubblegum else Yahweh we gon spread the gospel in the haters in the vine way all I need is one ring I ain\’t talking about Lebron but I\’m winning with this king James but you can do the NIV whatever translation I\’m just hoping you intercede open up that book and read I ain\’t know about you but for me I\’m bout to sow a seed

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