AydenPlayz – We Up! Lyrics


Know I pull up real hard
Pull up like I am tom Ford
Yknow I get all these girls
Like it\’s Lexington and concord
Know I\’m riding real near
Like my man Paul revere
Know I be yelling out
The British are here
Playing fortnite
With my boy Parker
He\’s gotta find my reboot
So I gotta set a marker
pin mega city
And we\’re getting 0 kills
If my career was fortnite
I would never pay the bills
That was a lie though
My skills are kinda fly though
They do get me by though
I\’m gonna go eat a pie yo

I am the best
I\’m better than the rest
You can not detest
My rap game success
My syndrome down
My money up
I pour my lean
All in a cup
I walk around with my chin up
I walk to ladies
Say what\’s up!

Switch up like I\’m micah
Lost Mc I\’m a biker
Trevor Phillips will fight you
Better hope he won\’t bite you
Ride around in the Benz
Take a picture with my lens
Gonna give you a deep cleanse
With bullets
Say amends

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