AWOL (Nerd) – AXED Lyrics

AXED Lyrics

So many folks getting axed by companies
I got some feelings on my chest to get off

Fuck all these layoffs, y\’all, I need ‘em off my mind
It\’s making it hard to work and it\’s taking all my time
Friends lost their jobs, I tell em, \”it\’ll be just fine\”
If I could do one thing, I\’d make the clock rewind
Multibillionaires, without a care, declare \”years of efficiency\”, (Fuck that)
But they have a lack of vision, see
Saying streamlining will lead them to their missions we
Will see how your engine runs, hope you have a contingency
Because I guarantee, engines don’t work without their pistons
And some of these layoffs were caused because leadership didn’t listen
About how whether or not we really need to open up that position
“How will you respond to staff left?” is the major decision
Fancy words like \”role consolidation\” or \”reduction of workforce\”
Nevermind that you spent your last six months as a workhorse
Severance papers staring at you just like a dark force
Unexpectedly your life just took a dark course

Where’s all that respect at, y’all?
Where’s all that compassion at, y’all?
Where’s all that empathy at, y’all?
Where’s all that sympathy at, y’all?

And I\’m not trying to say layoffs are never appropriate
But you can\’t prioritize senior leaders or the lowest associates
In the end it doesn\’t matter \’cause whoever feels the blow of it
They take it on the chin, but they\’re in shock they just ain\’t showin\’ it
If you have to strike that blow, do it and be done with it once
What the fuck, Meta, stringing layoffs out over several months?
Trying to squeeze out that last play, they probably call ‘em bunts
Tossing people out to compete against each other in job hunts
Wondering if they can afford food or rent for their dwellin’
Without a heads up at all whether they’re succeeding or they’re failin’
These jobs ignore the WARN Act, it’s so erratic and so tellin’
No wonder when you say \”F- Elon\” (F- Elon) you\’re also saying \”Felon\”
It\’s insane that we\’re seeing layoffs that are hitting double digits
And anyone that survives better not cough, sneeze, or fidget
It seems like Twitter’s laying off every other minute
So if you’re there, maybe don’t wait, find a better job and ditch it

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