AMZBDT – ​you’re a monster! Lyrics

​you’re a monster! Lyrics

Houston why we\’ve got a fuckin\’ problem now
How bout you touch down, and get in touch
Cause I\’m remembering those nights on the couch, known by nobody else
Replacing memories of you with almost anything else
I got scars on my lips from when you taught me how to kiss again
Twisting up my words you got me stumbling like a kid again, shit
I should\’ve seen some red flags flying high after the first night
Weird looks at the pool, right?
But that touch just fills the void right
I\’ll idly pass by the ways you ruin my life
I\’ll let you root because it feels nice
I\’ll let you root because it feels nice
That\’s what you wanted, right?
Cling to me and sink your bite in, I\’m addicted
I can\’t sleep until you\’re linked in
And now you\’re gone, and it\’s empty on my phone
I feel alone, but you\’re just grinning

Cause you\’re a monster, you got them sharp ass teeth
You terrorize shit while they sleep
Ain\’t treat em right in some weeks
Act like a shepherd, but you\’re really just a wolf in the sheep
Crying pity \’til they let you slide back into their sheets

I float in black space, limbo, tryna find my way out
It\’s tough enough right as it is, until you put me into doubt
I put my trust in you. you\’re the first one I put my trust into
Misplaced, so sue me, but I\’m wrong if you can\’t rule me so like-
What did you want me to do?
I broke my codes and gave my soul to you, what more could I do?
Yeah, what more could I prove? Its all on you, the ball in your court
Scanning for excuses but you\’re droughted from the past use
Landing on abuse for when it comes to how I cope
I\’m hitting up a bottle and I\’m thinking about the rope
It\’s all extremities, but if you\’re lying, so will I
It\’s always two can play at this game, so I\’ll gladly roll the die
I\’ll never lose the way you rolled your eyes
When you hurt every fucking person round you
Thanking God I ever found you
Should\’ve left you in the dark, even when I was on fire
Extinguishing myself instead of letting you get higher

– pri abrol
So you\’re a monster, what does that mean to me?
That means she\’s jealous while you climb your way back into my sheets
Act like a shepherd? But you\’ll never see
The allure of a monster is the way I know you\’ll damage me

3 – pri abrol
I know you love it
I\’m like biting on your nails you know you couldn\’t stop it
I know you want it, you fuck shit up for the thrill
But you loved holding my stomach
Cause you\’re a monster, you love to make me bleed
Act like no savior could ever take you away from me
You hold the power, possessive when you\’re under me
You can love me if you keep on finding ways to save me

I keep wondering if it\’s me, am I bad person? Am I manipulative?
Do I drink too much, do I smoke too much?
Am I bad influence to- Am I around bad influences?
Do I seek out bad influences? Do I- Do I find the wrong type?
Am I fucked up? What\’s wrong with me?
Am I a bad person?
I still don\’t know

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