AMZBDT – ​petrichor Lyrics

​petrichor Lyrics

– james foxtrot
The smell of burning tinfoil
Crossed with the smell of the perfume on your neck
One is disgusting, and one is delightful
What do you do when you fall in love after a near death?
Is it possible I died that day?
And the girl I met that night
Was the seven minutes of euphoria
That flows through your brain
As the blood spills from my face
The windshield shards piercing my cheeks
Cutting through my freckles like a game of connect the dots

I hardly made it back to Texas
Bus to the airport left early so I was chasing it from stop to stop
Desperately trying to catch it so I can make my flight and see you
Shit felt hopeless
We finally catch it, and I grab my bags and I rush aboard
And I sat there, staring out that window at the five p.m. summer sky
Joyride demo blaring thru my Airpods
I remember I was tearing up at the melody
But it\’s fine, I get on the plane and
I\’m sitting there, I\’m waiting, I\’m waiting
And my flight get canceled
I\’m sitting there, I\’m waiting, I\’m waiting
I\’m praying to God
Always considered myself an airport atheist
The type to only pray when there\’s turbulence
But I sat here, making a mental call to the void
Pleading for whatever force that be to just let this plane take off
Promising that I\’d trade anything if I can just see this girl
And meet my family one more time
The plane took off

– james foxtrot
So we\’re sitting at the dinner table, sharing our thoughts
Talking about the stars and their signs
What our favorite song is, and why we love the artists we love so much
Real words. Not some fake shit that barely keeps the topic pushing
We\’re steamrolling through our likes and dislikes
I barely ate the pasta on my plate
No one else at the table matters

I flew back home, that bunny stuffed in my bag
I was worried it\’d lose the scent but I couldn\’t have it out on the plane
So what was I supposed to do?
And then we land, I get off, and I\’m texting you
Smiling like an idiot at baggage claim \’til my ride show up and I fall asleep in the car
Arriving home at like three a.m
I got work at seven the next day, woke up at six to pouring rain
I stayed in bed
You weren\’t even home home yet but my heart ached
I had this fear that everything in that week would be gone, never happen again
And then it didn\’t, but I guess I\’m glad
Not glad at the person you turned out to be but
When the person in my memories is so great
So understanding and caring, and loving
It\’s hard to accept a malicious undertone
23 hit and I kept looking for empathy, for a reason
And eventually it came to me that
I was able to separate these happy memories
These thoughts of safety and trust
No longer are they attached to that monster that was always there
But more so attached to that summer
It\’s this weird inversed way of looking back at your high school years with pride
Despite being miserable all the way through
Even though you were terrible from the start
It doesn\’t affect the fact that the time we spent and the memories we made
Left a positive impact on me at the time and everlasting
So why would I let you take that from me just because *you\’re a bad person?
Ain\’t that the question, cause, it\’s rhetorical
The answer is I won\’t

– james foxtrot
You appreciate the time you have with someone when it\’s less, though
Temporary sight and touch, sound of mind
Expressions of opinion
You want to make those things last
Don\’t want it to end like you almost did in that car crash

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