Amir Obè – CAPTIONS Lyrics


Self esteem lower than the price is (Ayy)
Something \’bout distance got Amiro feelin\’ righteous (Yeah)
See you in the mornin\’, don\’t know what a good night is
In the wagon I just picked up, let you drive it, ****, don\’t got a license (Huh)
This a 63 not a 550

This a 63 not a 550
Heard you in her DM\’s but she vibe with me (Huh)
She show me everything, we laugh about it (Laugh about it)
Thought you was the man, you just rap about it (Yeah)
Yeah, thirsty, lookin\’ thirsty (Lookin\’ thirsty)
Somebody must be prayin\’ for me, yeah
Things I don\’t deserve been stayin\’ with me (Stayin\’ with me)
They said I ain\’t the G.O.A.T, stop playin\’ with me

Thumbing through the
Thumbing through thе lyrics, tryna find a caption
Keep it direct, I\’m about that action
Rockin\’ Prada wrong and they call it fashion
Watch \’em follow suit now all you rappеrs matchin\’ (Yeah)
If they takin\’ shots, tell \’em \”Fix your aim\”
Middle eastern gold 21k (21k)
And a Royal Oak to compliment the chain
Straight from factory, uh, kept it plain
Looking at your bust down, no taste
In and out the city but ain\’t showin\’ face (No)
Out in Turks & Caics my girl ain\’t got no waist (No)
All them selfies with her make you
Lookin\’ like this will make you feel a way, ayy
I made it hot, dropped the location
I made it hot but this ain\’t no vacation, ayy
Got her thumbin\’ through the lyrics tryna find a caption, I got her
Got her thumbin\’ through the lyrics tryna find a caption, I got her

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