Ambush Buzzworl – Thug Life Lyrics

Thug Life Lyrics

Ambush Buzzworl

First things first
Alhamdulilah man buss this case, man pray that I break this curse
Fuck jakes, free Merce
No we\’re nuttin like them man, ain\’t none of this shit rehearsed
See the opps reverse, jump out get your shit immersed
Don\’t know if the Jordan make shit better or make it worse
But I know your girlfriend, she wan\’ junk out, gyal reverse
Cowgirl reverse, she intoxicated
She white girl wasted, she lit, she turnt, she burst
Jamaican girls got the best pum pum on Earth
Nah crazy girls got the best pum pum on Earth
I don\’t know if it\’s science but I think I done enough research
I done a month\’s research, shit coming like a lucky curse
Shit coming like a gift and a curse
From the Fifth to the First, whole borough been addicted to murder
Killing on the beats so I\’m killing on the streets, what you thinking is worser?
Got the link for the burner, make a drink I\’m a earner
Yeah man I\’m still up in the mix, still I got the phone doing bits
Still can\’t believe Neenz got pitched
No snitch, no jake couldn\’t be my mate
No prick, no gem couldn\’t be my friend
Me and bro like Ryu and, like Ryu and Ken
Bro don\’t make me find you again
I\’m live with this skeng, real life no pretend
Man rise it, we\’ll see if they try it again
Thug life, thug life till the end
Long time I\’ve been flying them
Buying them, consigning them, on sighting them
Shit then, it\’s frying
My gang made the ends like this
A lot of things but you ain\’t like this
The whole ends knows where man lives
Can\’t tell me bout Camden cah that\’s where man is
But I can\’t be stupid so I\’m out in the sticks
And I don\’t wanna come out my house, my very big house in the country
But if you draw me out I\’ll come out my house with the pumpy
Can\’t believe I got this thing for a monkey
I ain\’t worried bout them man cah their whole operation\’s funky

Funky cuz
You know like that, man ain\’t listening to none of that garbage cuz
Niggas out here talking shit, niggas out here acting like guys they\’re not cuz
You know the ting, one truth, one team, one thousand

Silly with it
In the streets like what\’s this shit, man can\’t get jiggy with it
Niggas wanna sound like me
But it ain\’t got sauce like you need some chilli with it
How you hot but girl what can I say? Man chilly with it
GG man Billy with it, bare bless get jiggy with it
Con carne, chilli with it
Bob Marley, billy with it

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