Alois – ​use me Lyrics

​use me Lyrics

Bottom of the bottle, I\’m gon\’ pour it out

Wow, I\’m gettin\’ money, I can show you how
Took her off the leash, shawty calm down
I got these big bitches in the background
Even at Chanel, put that bag down
This a lullaby?, ?
I just put a blanket on my dawg, he on promethazine
Way you feel that Zaza in your chest, no, you can barely breath
I roll up that ? while you get left with my enemy
?, fuck 12
Bad bitch with me, yeah we both goin\’ to Hell
Terrorize the city but I really wish \’em well
Put him in the ?, put that hammer to his nail
I bought a new body, I can pay the price
I\’m still gettin\’ money with no 9-to-5
I finish a bottlе as the shawty drive
She tеll me to shoot but that\’s a ?
I be with the mood swings
I just got a ? on a few things
I drop all these hundreds out my pockets, it ain\’t loose change
My bitch got a attitude, I swear that she a rude thing
She don\’t want that money so I told her ass to use me

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