Almighty doug – LIL KEE FLOW / CHOPPA MUSIC Lyrics


Almighty doug
I put switches on my Glocks chops to the opps
I ain’t roddy rich if u play you gone be in the box
This choppa clean you up just like a detox
Spot em then we got em choppa make em beatbox
I am the hottest out my city I got power like I am ghost
But wats in my clip dis bitch hold 50 I put pape over hoes just tryna get Richie
I ain’t performing if I can’t sneak the blicky
We got simi automatics choppas with attachments if you say that
You won’t beef I ma pull up an let you have it
We the ones sending shots we the ones sending that static iff you
A opp u might just die at my show just like I am Travis
I get higher in the room like I am Travis Scott
I ain’t talking target wats on my Glock it’s a red dot
I am outer space if u see my pants they got astronauts
If I told you I love u I was lying or I probably was high
I feel like Jim jones all my opps gone fly high
This choppa make you disconnect from life call you hotspot
Don’t call my phone if it ain’t about no pape un un
Smoke yo manz now we turnt that Nigga into runtz runtz
I am smoking runtz smoking dead opps man I am turnt up
Stop talking Krazy on the gram yo manz got burnt up

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