Aliasmojo – Imma loner Lyrics

Imma loner Lyrics


(Young DTM in this mothafucka
Cobrahead, double ss (I make love music)
Cobrahead, double ss (I make gospel music)
Cobrahead, double ss
She say, she say, she say

: Slime Dollaz
? and you messy
You remind me of DJ Drama
And I got these Xanax, but baby I can\’t even pop none (Double)
I’m just layin\’ on Percocet (Ew)
I\’m tryna break that baby back (Ew, ew)
They say a shootout in the city
They say snakehead, he was trippin’ (Damn)
They say snakehead, he was spinin\’ (Hold up)
I ain\’t lie I was in the kitchen
Floatin\’ that dope boy up with water (Whip, whip)
Mothafuckin\’ whippin\’ (Whip, whip)
Nigga say, I ain\’t no fuckin\’ gremlin (Hold up)
Nigga say, I ain’t no fuckin’ demon (That boy)
Nigga wanna pop out, play cobrahead (Baow, baow)
You know I\’ma have to fuckin’ beat \’em (Baow, baow)
I rap about fuckin\’ follies (Baow, baow)
I rap about having sex (Baow, baow)
Lil mothafucka ?
I had left the baby on her back (Oh my god)
It was a problem when they dissed my set (Oh my god)
It was a problem when they talk down on my man
(Oh my god)
But you know I had a Tech (Baow)
Now aim it at his chest (Baow, baow)
Sneaky shooting in the yard (Slatt)
Sneaky shooter driving a car (Slatt)
Sneaky shooter, he on bars (Slatt)
Sneaky shooter, he just pulled a mothafucker ? (Hold up)
I had setup for robbery (Ooh)
They took all his jewlery (Ooh)
These niggas lame to me
He ?, he remind me of Hillary (Ooh)
Mothafuckin\’ clique (Set)
Damn, these niggas be bitchin’ (Set)
Damn, these niggas be snitchin\’ (Set)
He turned to a thug, he ain\’t in my gang no more
Now, he acting (What)
Like he really gon\’ step on us, you know that boy was cappin\’
I had to give him a fuckin\’ address, cause boy you know yous a ? (Ooh)
And new ? gon\’ have \’ya (Ooh)
I put led in him for acting like he was elite
I put led on him, I heard that song, he sneak diss me
I\’m in flordia with the gators
I\’m a prey, Imma lay on \’em (Baow, baow)
What the fuck them boys was thinkin? (Baow, baow)
Sneaky shooter got him a K on \’em (Baow, baow)
50 shots it, 60 shots in it (Hmm)
I hit the damn block, and I ain\’t leave a damn witness
(Hmm, hmm)
They keep on sneak dissin\’
They talk down on me (Ew, ew)
They talk down on Jeezy (Ew, ew)
When my lil bitch like a fuckin\’ tree (Ew, ew)
And that mothafuckin\’ chopper, It\’s the size of me
(Imma loner)
And that mothafuckin\’ chopper, It\’s gon\’ slide for me
(Imma loner)
I don\’t need friends, I don\’t need nobody
I don\’t need love, I don\’t need no roxies
I don\’t need perc, I just need some molly
Imma loner

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