AfroLegacy – Hunting Lyrics

Hunting Lyrics

1: Denji (Carter Sauce)
Was selling body parts, now I\’m parting bodies
Now a Devil Hunter, who a Devil partially
But I\’ll play the part, so you\’re getting bodied
I know in my heart, I\’m that dawg prolly
Gon\’ chop it up, I\’m so super smart, see?
Top me bruh? I\’ll leave a mark, no sharpie
For Makima? Shit, I\’ll bark for mommy
Read the manga \’cause I wanna see our arc peak
Stumbling up into a bar
Is the only time that I\’ll fall in line
Be tugging on the string at my heart
\’Cause I always got the saw on my mind
It\’s a splitting headache, but I\’ll split you dead straight
Just killed your endgame, just spilt your membranes
Now I\’m waving red blades \’cause this a chain
With that kinda drip from your head, and I meant brains
I leave the scene nothing but ash, but still be chopping three times as groovy
Plotting and I still be kicking their eyes, shocking, I\’m popping off and they go who\’s he?
It just be a Devil up on Demon time, see and I really got nothing to prove, see
Only one thing I really want in life, what\’s that? Heh, boobies

2: Power (DA-WOLF)
I\’m one in a thousand, give \’em terraforming up their demeanor like MMO\’s
Keep \’em on their toes, don\’t get your life repo\’d
I don\’t meant to boast, but I\’m known to do the most
Swearing they a Devil, keep \’em crossed and give them all halos
That\’s outta line, yeah, I know, I know, I know
You ain\’t gotta follow codes when you fiend to snatch a pulse
If I get up in that form, I\’mma turn \’em holy ghosts
I got a key to shorten your hold and leave you all exposed
I\’m too quick for them to call, but I\’m quick to make it draw
Open chest cavities like a shawty with no bra
But you won\’t feel at all \’fore I make a body fall
\’Fore I make a body fall, \’fore I make a body fall

3: Aki (AfroLegacy)
Change the game and I meant that, pave the way with no setbacks
Don\’t play for fame, not bound by chains, know we ain\’t the same, peace – I get that
Shots that are coming straight outta the dome, got a pack of beasts at my side
On a corporate level, man, I scorch the mental, I don\’t need scraps to get by
Professional, I got a bigger bite, bro, so know this ain\’t sensible
Way that they move – a brodie forgettable
IQ a different height , nah, I\’m staying skeptical
They stay in my reticles
Throwing up hand signs, man, they can\’t pass by
Devils on stand by, team like a landmine
Man, they go ghost, no Himeno, why try
Smoking packs \’cause that shit be my pass time
Smoke your pack and I done level
Your entire crew, know the son special
If you make a move, then the dust settles
\’Cause the metal drawn with no Gun Devil, we hunting, yeah

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