Adotstomped – Wish Lyrics

Wish Lyrics

Yo Jay, How you feel about this one?
(fuck the opps nigga)

Fuck the opps on my dick like mr.throw 5 don throw like 6.he tryna diss but that nigga is shit.Ski hoodie on like mr hop out the v let it boom.ayo don knock him out his you a shooter like who did you shoot?

If he tryna run (don\’t run) my shooter gon empty the gun.shoot at his head had fucked up his lungs.if he play ima reswitch the you shooter run your 1\’s.get back gang ima shoot when im done.get back gang ima get back gang ima (grrah)if he play he get hit in his head dumb nigga im smoking your deads.he tryna run put the beam on his head.321 get to marking like its sped.if he play bullets gon eat his from the hood i never met pain.but aye grade A spot me a opp i up it now he day (day day)

verse 2:
And for 1 ima spray get back gang shit never had a pay.wish my mama could come see my face.mama we good i payed daddy to stay.hop out the v and niggas had to boom.ayo don knock him out his shoes

Wtf get off my dick dumb lil nigga had fell off a whip.smoking on shhhhh spinning through the mitch if he play then he getting hit

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