Acid Souljah – Stand Still Lyrics

Stand Still Lyrics

Do not forget

: Acid Souljah
Yeah, I pop out on some ? shit
I know they can\’t stand it, I be smoking gas, and it\’s fragrant
I know that they hatin\’
I know that they want to be just like me
I\’ma role model to these rappers
They try and steal swag from SEB
They try to ? our shit, but they can\’t
True Religion pants, BB Simon belt
Red Balenciaga\’s steppers, if I stomp you out, they gonna send your ass to hell
My ? are migration, I\’ma ship \’em out in the mail
They going everywhere in the world
I can sell a sold out show, anywhere in the world
I usеd to chill with my bro all the time, now he spеnding all his money on that white girl
I might pour up in this Sprite, and I might mix it up, I might also take another Xan pill
I had to cut my bro off, \’cause he\’s off the drugs, and we ain\’t making money, we was at a stand still
I been coming up everyday, smoking good gas, with the bros
We been getting bands still
? we been getting good propane
I feel like I\’m Hank Hill
We been ? waves any day, we been changing culture, haters like to hate still
Your opinion worth less than my toenail

Less than my toenail-il-il-il-il-il-l-l-l-l-l-ail-ail-ail-ail-ail-ail

Oh, bleed

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