Acid Souljah – Organ Harvesting Swag Lyrics

Organ Harvesting Swag Lyrics


Oh, oh my ?

What the

: Acid Souljah
Feds tryna kick me out the country, \’cause I\’m trapping organs
I don\’t give a fuck, what you say, bitch I\’m out here ? on these organs
I been getting to the bag, It\’s important
Hit me up on deck, I got kidneys
Hit me up on deck, I got hearts too
Hit me up if you need a lung replacement
Anything you want bitch, I can get it
I\’m so important, they gonna probably write \’bout me on Reddit (
And I\’ll downvote that shit (?)
You\’re a fucking loser if you go and use that shit (
Aw, great
? I\’ma go and do that shit
I can\’t lie, I might go and abuse this shit
I can\’t lie, I\’m still out here doing stupid shit
My music hard as fuck, I don\’t gotta try hard, to go out and prove that shit (

Molly, ?

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