A7PHA – One Deep Lyrics

One Deep Lyrics

These are sweetheart, deep, dark music
Sweet dreams, beastly deep grooming
Phoenix eating, deep peace bruises
L.A. nights by the sea or in the ? on the L with the Blue Line commuters
Walking Broad Street, summer in Center City, talking raw heat
All eats, beef steaks and hot mix and coffee
My land, New York City skyline give ?
Southern love will make you smile, dance
? so clear and vibrant
Fishing for dinner this year in Dodge
San Francisco city changed to ?
Moroccan spice vendors, Manila high rises
? red horses ?
I\’m sure most of it was all a blur
But homе is where the hеart is
How easily magicians put a stop to all this
Style is creating evils but let\’s talk sense
They native written in blood, but I ain\’t no plagiarist
Smell the hellish turmoil, see the lions feed fear
? bring back all eyez on me to see clear
I dont care if the end is near, it never started for me
I don\’t acknowledge fear ? or monsters in the closet
Cheers to the departed constantly fogging up my conscious
Mere mortals mirror idols achieving heights without wisdom
The cycle continues to collect problems for the resistance
It is what it is, and honest intentions become malicious
Common sense loses value with civilians as ignorance stacks riches
Overstimulated individuals all act so suspicious
I don\’t follow paths, I create my own
Right or left, life or death, only if I choose so
Follow facts and stand correct on my own ten toe

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