A7PHA – One Deep II Lyrics

One Deep II Lyrics

(What do they know, what do they know, what do they know)

Integrity I own whip and mutilate on beat
Dutifully do so like Sahara beast
Main art game, all alone on the reefs, same way
Hey, let\’s eat, get guts on, rust off, get gone
This is not a love song
Eat part of the throat that ?
Like a grip that kills kings
The feel of real wings
The feeling that still stings
Tree cut to ?
? getting blood in the dark
Though fire god won\’t stop ?
Or dare pick up, pick up

To all enormous lizards who made white knights and wizards
And whatever miserable patriarchal busy ?
Props to every pendragon and it\’s not having it
Heat breathin\’ for right reasons
Leaving еven seeds and feed singed
Torch glass, warp wood, scorch
When honorablе course resorts to brute force
For rappers who don\’t like me ?
Because whitey did something to take lightly
Acceptance just don\’t excite me
Rather make shape of lightning
Rap drastic and great writing
Not plastic has-been inviting
Quality throttling, cloth modelling
Fast following, shells hollowing
Cobbling, posturing ? of their fathers fell bottling
Fast it\’s dating they caskets
And male ego collapse ? contest
The simple with a complex ? death day ends
Met with a splendid explosion of berserk
Reality blur works, no styles usurp
Live well, sell more shirts to the masses
Brash person half-empty glass thirsts for a work in worm\’s dirt
Like hearing a neck go first, the unknown\’s no one\’s turf
Yet the last rapper on earth will still non-complexly describe their own hurt

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