A7PHA – Game Over Lyrics

Game Over Lyrics

1: Mestizo
Blame it on blaming up right?
Build up our tales of fire
Enlist in the navy, I make a meal off of scientists\’ sins
I’m honoured to witness fishers, fishin\’ prowling on predators?
Moving on students, packing no punches, so human, isn\’t it
Disfiguring formal? is factitious and litiginous
So hard, you impotent imbecile, simpleton, sycophant
Shuck a shell and make a buster tuck his tail
Or smooth a hard road and make us struggle, prevail
So many stories to tell, not enough fears or clock hours
So I’m sitting in silence, locked and loaded from watchtowers
Absence of coffee breaks, my actions are higher powered
I\’m charging to the game and my game to God\’s status
Factoring speed and distancе from car crashes
Karma is the mother of suffеring, season life with salt and ashes
Watching time pass us, happiness is so hard to capture
So I ? with the thrill and laugh to cure this planet of fantasy
Everything so starry eyed and beautiful, it is what it is
Early stages, man, it\’s made for the kids
I live in middle ages in castles as a cook
Who falls in love with the queen and kills the king with the rook
I\’m out of care for the classes, boxes, and labels
Placing value on comforting things seems so somber and dangerous
What happened to blood in the veins, air, water, earth and fire
Standing on something made for sleep, machines? on a rise
So I\’m honored to the power within

: Mestizo
No one can take me off my mountaintop
I\’m from where the mountain lions come from
No one can take me off my mountaintop
I\’m from where the mountain lions come from

2: Doseone
What if it faded
But the preweakened we see these bet you
So say that maybe wasn’t that ancient
So get destined ? made it
Is it best of death expiry date, they tired and tried
By ice age after ice age of fire
Any idiot who didn’t ? and went unwritten with ?
Is often the ? middleness
So be it is already obedient sheep needed immediate
Need to behead it? but possibly prided probably got it
I don\’t want it, whitewash it ?
Fucks up your gut, go in handcuffs, scrum standup sans much?
Deep dreaming, I feen meaning
Pen pick at each eating? like beast eat a weakling
Anything to keep this heart out of beating
In its five door creaking ajar, no more we leap from the fire
Sake every pass but wanna steep who I are
In that state bizarre reservoir ?
In the pen parts ex ? sharp tank ink think dark
Arms clank on the thins of my tin chest
This serious here in ?
Ain’t nothing to cry wolf out about
Pull wool out fatter mouth, cattle count herd
Death in the actual capture of what canon has happened to rappers
Be careful where you do pasture
\’Cause vapid capital\’s crackers are after all of it, always
Like a vulture bald head stays clean, completely ugly
If the better whenever evolve involves desperate measure
Forever skulls crushed into guts, yet it never get blood on its fabulous feathers
There were hung and we better scavengers
They havin\’ their shit so together
I gotta do better, I can do better
I gotta do better, I can do better
I gotta do better, I can do better
I gotta do better, I can do better

: Doseone & Mestizo
I wanna sing a song to train cobra
Quit and you playing the game over
Kind of (children?) singing about dead soldier
Grow old and blow the (goal?) over

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