45smith, Error101 & 45hre – No Way Home Lyrics

45smith, Error101 & 45hre

1: 45smith
You know me and you\’ve grown with me
If you and the beast mix you don\’t see shit
Hoes be like Fitty you so witty
Your BM? I\’m takin\’ it shit you don\’t need it
I make scrilla melt you don\’t need killa help
I push you to the limit when I\’m needing the wealth
And you in peace wit the rest
I spit truth but some cats they just got the hardest head
2: Error101
Ruthless to the death I\’ll stand for the truth yes
Instead I chose to become a newlywed to the true bread
To my surprise I wasn\’t layin next to you m\’mm
I could\’ve been next to fly ovеr the cuckoo\’s nest
Via Spigga wit\’ the stacks ovеr they Huey Russle
Wishing I could be the one man but you juggle
Come through like a one two rumble
Cause on the low bein po\’ make you humble
3: 45hre
Got your name and your number in my cell phone
And threw on my headphones
And look in the places that your boyfriend don\’t
Do that again and the story gets told
In my two-seater she the one that I would take
There\’s never a good day cause in my hood they
But I overstand they truth is all lame
A I get my hustle off all day

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