3way P.K – 33 Degrees Lyrics

33 Degrees Lyrics

3way P.K
AYE! 33 degree the temperature who u knows calling shots like the emperor..300 Walk on yo back like im stepping up ..ain’t no dancing from here I’m just stepping up ..
We always making it clear we stay seven up
Better sit back chill take a 7 Up…3 we the ones in the field always setting up

Make a move over here if you man enough …Make Myself clear
Just in case you ain’t had enough, if you come taken from herе that’s a talent bra
No I won’t let you walk off with no balance
Having this shit don’t takе orders I’m captain..
I Manage this shit Crossing borders what happenin
I got in the mix with huddle just snapping . No javelin shit but I throw what I’m repping
3! …. I know Dey feeling ME…

Like every move that I make
My agility

Like how I do what I say
My ability

You gotta do what you say don’t just talk

You Gotta move how you pray don’t just Walk …

Choose how to move on a chase or you caught

Dog yeah I’m loose
On a escape
With a bad bitch at 8 and I’ won’t hit a loop
Till i pop…

Codename …

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