2sweatydudes – RUSSELL BRAND Lyrics


1 – sweatyballs
Growing up didn’t pay no tax
Now I’m grown up and I don’t pay tax
But it’s cause I don’t have a job they don’t want to hire me no cap
Don’t wanna make p\’s off rap
Met a little tease off the snap
Turns out she’s a sex bot now I’m in a car lot with no kidneys or pants
Put Hastings on the map
Just a little bit of beibs in the trap
Sent my dick by fax
I stole a baby for bants
Suck on my dick and balls
Suck on my nuts and cock
Know that I\’m hard like the rock
I\’ma shoot you with my Glock
Oohh yeah I just might cum in a sock
Stole a baby\’s pram
Looking at me so weird I was like fam
Do you know who I am?
I am king sweaty balls
I am the king of them all
You know that I am so tall
Mm I am in power
I do not need to shower
Cus my drip will shower me
I get my dick sucked hourly
By a pigeon
By a pigeon in the back of a B&Q behind the bin (yuh)
You know that that\’s not a sin
I just do it for the thing
Yеah it\’s not a sin
I just need to get my bumhole rimmed

– 2sweatydudes
Kickеd a baby
He looked at me fucking funny
Set his-
Set his pram on fire
Took his shoes off
Spat in the little baby\’s faaaAAAACEEE

2 – sweaty eric
Eat a banana like penis
You know I\’ma rise up like a phoenix
My dna ain\’t no double helix
No I\’m other worldy I\’m from Venus
Yeah you know I flow it flow it
I see a line and I tow it tow it
I get a plant and I grow it grow it
I think that I gotta slow it slow it
Down down
Headed to down town
I been around town
Got lots to sea but I won\’t drown
Think about it. for a second
Intimidating ya
You look like a dinghy
But I ain\’t inflating ya
You won\’t stop talking
So I ain\’t debating ya
And I keep walkin
I been thinking about this
My knees are bigger than your whip
I don\’t even do drugs
But I\’m higher off this shit than Russell Brand was

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