2mygrave – LAST DAY HERE Lyrics




Look at my dead, look at the switch of the lead
Pullin\’ the line of the thread, the gun to my head
I cannot fuck with the stress, been waitin\’ for death to ?
I\’m drownin\’ my liver with Activis, syrup been ?
?, I\’m pullin\’ the trigger, unloadin\’ the ripper
Fuck out my face, don\’t mention my name
? the flames, the fear in my name
My cannon ? beamin\’, the angel not fleein\’
They know I\’m the demon, give life like no meanin\’
?, no longer, I been bleedin\’
? to live in this region

Ain\’t no bitch take my fuckin\’ place, leave a trace
Gonna send you into space with a face full of grace
I had ? my whole body and I passed out in the lobby with my fuckin\’ loaded tommy, I\’m prepared to drop some bodies, yeah
I cannot hear what you tellin\’ me, lord had forgotten, we makin\’ the history
ODB movin\’, we makin\’ the history, river is flowin\’, my life is a misery, yeah
Why don\’t you love me? Just rip apart, lookin\’ for hours, can\’t find no heart
When did you notice I went to far? Look at my wrist, I been leavin\’ scars

Grab the .45, Lucifer ?
Come to take them lives, murder on my mind
Look at the way that I\’m movin\’, ? shootin\’
Addiction consumin\’, it\’s all for those movements
The drugs I be doin\’, you wasn\’t approvin\’
I\’m left with the feelin\’ of losin\’

Pull up on a fuck boy, make him spend my damn coins
Makin\’ no noise but I had no choice
I\’ll kill for the void, just hear my voice
When the devil comes through
Pass me my Uzi, explainin\’ my views
I don\’t remember but I\’m findin\’ clues
You pick and you choose and I drown in the fumes

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